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In 1790, the German physician,
chemist, medical author and translator
Dr Christian Friedrich Samuel Hahnemann discovered the principle
of the correlation between medicament and disease and called it homeopathy.
In the course of his research, he eventually discovered the more and
more refined and still highly effective
Q or LM potencies.

The therapy with LM potencies
induces a gentle and rapid
recovery from the symptomatology. Taken on a daily basis, the dosis
can be regulated individually.

Medical symptoms are helpful
friends pointing out that there is something to be looked at and
to be sorted out. They are reliable indicators showing the way, which
is then contributing to a good
progression in accordance with the scheme of life.


• Therapy with LM potencies according
  to the rules of classical homeopathy
• Vaccination counseling
• Homeopathic vaccination

Training and assistance:
with Ravi Roy, Indian
homeopathic practitioner DHMS

Recommended literature:
Die Homöopathischen Ratgeber
by Ravi Roy und Carola Lage-Roy