Family Constellation
Systemic Constellation

Family Constellations and Systemic Constellations are a very powerful and oftentimes deeply touching method for visualizing concerns of almost any kind with the aid of representatives or symbols positioned in the room.

Questions from all areas, e.g. concerning family of origin, present family, relationship, workplace or edical conditions, can be looked at with a Constellation. Concealed, mostly unconscious dynamics are revealed and the -Knowing Field- leads reliably towards new perspectives, develops an extended comprehension of the situation, and facilitates your healing solution image. A “healing solution image” uses the final image of a constellation in which all participants feel comfortable and in the right place.

The love and care for one another that has been lost nowadays is
retrieved as a healing power and can be practiced in everyday life.

Bert Hellinger describes his work in three short sentences:
• Appreciate what is.
• Find out what works.
• Let the love of the soul flow again.

The Knowing Field:
“Knowing Field” is the term for an information transfer and information storage:
All informations, incidents and lessons learned within a family or other system are stored in an invisible field and can be retrieved from there. Rupert Sheldrakes’s scientific research about the morphogenetic fields is helpful for comprehending this phenomenon.

Rupert Sheldrake:
-A new science of life-
-The presence of the past-