EFT - Tapping Acupuncture

EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques)
Tapping acupressure for body, mind and soul The meridian-energy or
tapping-acupressure techniques are based on a simple assumption:

„The cause of all negative emotions lies in a dysfunction of the body’s
energy system.“ (Gary H. Craig)

The intention and method of the therapy is the rehabilitation of an undisturbed energy flow in the body. In EFT, this is accomplished by
rhythmic tapping or massaging of specific body therapy spots with the fingertips, while the patient is focusing on the problem that he/she wants to solve. This way, the affected meridians are „dejammed“, which results
in an immediate sense of relief and, in the end, even a solution of the problem.

Along with a special tuning-in and preparation, this results in a quick and very effective self-help and therapy technique.

- Evaluation (How stressed is the problem)
- Mental and emotional adjusting to the problem
- Tapping/massaging of the therapy spots
- Reassessment (How stressed is the problem now)

This basic procedure is then repeated for single “aspects” or facets of the problem until it is solved.

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